Vivisectionary Graphic Novel Preview

The advance reader copy of the Vivisectionary graphic novel has just arrived, and I could not be more happy with how the book looks. The design and production really captured my concept of styling it after an antique encyclopedia.

In this day and age, a book kind of has to have a special reason to exist as a physical object, and in this case, I really think it came together as a complete piece- it feels like an artifact, not just a comics collection.

The book has a thick, die-cut hard cover, lizard-skin pebbled texture, faux fabric spine, rose-gold foil details, matte cover images, and Turkish marbled endpapers. The pages have a nice matte texture and the colors are rich but muted, just like many of the volumes in my collection of vintage textbooks.

On a nitty-gritty note, Iā€™m impressed that Fantagraphics has been able to pull off this level of production for a book that retails for less than $25. You can pre-order it here.