“guaranteed to be imprinted on your brain…You'll be horrified yet curiously turning the pages to see more.” -Kirkus Reviews

a delightfully disgusting compendium of the grotesque… exquisitely drawn open sores, flayed skin, and blooming lilies are all delineated with precise washes of color, rendering the entire book a true visual delight.” -Publisher’s Weekly

“burrows past standard tropes to trigger a range of down-to-the-bone visceral reactions.” -PopMatters

“gorgeous, grotesque, and wonderful.” -BoingBoing

“an immediately satisfying experience that operates at some sub-articulate level.” -The Onion A.V. Club

“kaleidoscopic arrangements of limbs and organs… exposing a new perspective on the structures we take for granted.” -Hi Fructose

“occasionally gross, often disturbing and yet still beautiful.” -Comics Beat

“inventive, bizarre, visceral, grim, and disturbingly brilliant.” -Street Anatomy

“fun, freaky, neo-comics.” -Warren Ellis